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Google Website Optimizer

Google Optimize is a free website optimization tool that helped online marketers and webmasters increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by continually testing different combinations of website content.

Google Website Optimizer is a service that allows you to create and test different versions of your website pages to see which ones deliver the best conversion rates. The Google Website Optimizer runs the tests on Google’s servers, meaning it's easy for you to test your site locally and make changes instantly. And when you’ve found the right page? You can have your webmaster replicate it on your live site in seconds.

Google Website Optimizer helps you find the right page on your website to engage more visitors and make more sales. It’s easy-to-use, affordable, and produces results.

With Google Website Optimizer, you can run A/B or multivariate tests on your website to find variations that are most effective for your business goals. Regardless of what kind of site you have—from a brochure site with just a few pages to a social networking site with thousands of fans—it’s easy to test different layouts, headlines, photos, or videos to see which ones work best for your visitors.

Google Website Optimizer is free to use and requires no software to install. You simply create and manage your tests in the Google Website Optimizer service, and the testing is performed on Google’s servers. When you find a winning page, you can ask your webmaster to replicate it on your live site in just seconds.

Note: While Google Website Optimizer is free to use, testing may incur additional charges depending on the type of device used for testing. For more information about device types and pricing see the Developer Guide. Advanced Features also incur additional fees for access to higher traffic levels.

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